With algorithms always in flux, you want to stay relevant to your audience, but you also don’t want to lose your sanity in the process. Understanding what content strategy is and how to implement it, can save you time and headache. Many a small business owner has tried posting multiple times a day on various social media platforms and has come away with little results to show for it.

What is Content Strategy?

Content Strategy involves setting clear and defined goals for your content, examining the content you are already using, monitoring analytics to see what’s working, and proceeding to plan more content around what is speaking the most to your audience. All the while you are building credibility and have the ability to thrown in a “call to action” when appropriate. It’s content marketing with a plan.

Your content is ALL the information that you or your business provides others. Newsletters, blog posts, white papers, case studies, and emails are what most people understand as content. However, with an ever-expanding means of production in the digital realm, videos, social media posts, landing pages, and podcasts can also be part of your content strategy.

Why is Content Strategy Important?   

Simply creating quality content and putting it on the internet doesn’t cut it anymore. Growing your audience organically on social media is all but impossible until you happen to have a piece of content that goes viral. Even then, not all content goes viral for the right reasons.

The tried and true way to “get more out of less” is to have a plan, monitor, and make alterations as necessary. While content may be king, merely making content for the sake of having more content isn’t likely to work as a long-term sustainable model. If you own a smaller business, you likely don’t have the time or desire to continually create more content on your own.

The adage goes, “You don’t know, what you don’t know.” If you aren’t monitoring how certain content or platforms are resonating with your target market, you could be wasting time and/or money.

Where Should You Start with Your Content Strategy?

  • Look at what you have now
  • Become familiar with you your basic analytics
  • Create customer avatars (yes, there is probably more than one)
  • Determine your initial goal (examples could include):
    • Increase sales of a specific product
    • Improve your open and/or conversion rate via email marketing
    • Increase the number of unique (daily/weekly/monthly) visitors to your site
  • Create new content around the pain points that your target audience might experience
  • Plan when and where this content would be most appropriate
    • Slightly alter your content based on which medium you are using
    • Compose multiple versions base on which customer avatar you are targeting
    • Where would the best place to fit this content within the buyer’s journey?
  • Implement your plan (i.e. make and share your content)
  • Monitor analytics and engagement
  • Based on the results, make more of what works and ditch what doesn’t

If you are going crazy with SEO, keywords, blogging, social media, analytics, email subscribers (ALL THE THINGS), it might be time to consult a content strategist.

Contact me to get started on your content planning and implementation journey to reach your business goals.


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